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Lunex at the Space Generation Congress

SGAC logo. Credits: SGAC

The Lunar Explorers Society will be present at this years Space Generation Congress (SGC) in Hyderabad, India. Together with the SGC, Lunex will organise a workshop called "Lunar Explorers Society", where we will look at how Lunex best can organise its upcoming role at the ICEUM9/ILC'07 conference in Sorrento, Italy. We will also invite the workshop participants to come with ideas for the future of Lunex; how we can improve our website, how we can recruit more members, etc.

Probing further into the space visions of the next 50 years

SGAC Logo. Credits: SGAC

In early January 2007, Space Generation Advisory Council put out a call for what the youth of today thought would be the key events of the next 50 years in space activities. This first call attracted 275 youth visionaries from all over the world to input to what new events would create the next giant leap for mankind. Is it space tourism, is it a lunar base that shall really be able to help us conquer the space frontier, or is a human landing on Mars that YOU wish to see in the coming 5, 10, 20 or 50 years?

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