The Lunar Explorers Society needs your support!

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Our sponsors are people, companies and agencies who believe, like us, in the great promise of the Moon, and would like to assist our work and be associated with us.

Please make a donation if you find that the Lunar Explorers Society is useful for yourself or your company, and want to support our continued development. Your donations help us to establish a conference travel fund for young lunar explorers, to create outreach material, to maintain the website and to cover other running costs. We will also allocate funds towards a future Lunar Explorers Workshop which will take place in parallel with major Lunar conferences.

Sponsorship Levels

We currently are looking for four levels of sponsorship.
  • Lunar Eclipse: Above 1000 €
  • Full Moon Level: Between 500-1000 €
  • Half Moon Level: Between 100-500 €
  • New Moon Level: Up to 100 €
Detailed information about our various levels of sponsorship can be found here.

How to donate

Donating is easy! You can donate in two ways.

Option #1: Paypal

Option #2: Bank Transfer

Bank Name:ABN-AMRO
Bank Address: Keplerlaan 1, 2201 AZ Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Account Holder: Lunar Explorers Society
Account Number:
IBAN: NL09 ABNA 0629 1077 69


Full Moon Sponsors

  • Dr. Bernard Foing

Half Moon Sponsors

Optech Inc
Optech Inc

New Moon Sponsors