Kaguya transition to operation phase

Kaguya in orbit around the Moon. Credits: Akihiro Ikeshita/JAXA

[JAXA Press Release - 21.12.2007]
The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is pleased to announce that the operation phase of the lunar explorer, KAGUYA (SELENE), was transitioned to normal operations from its initial check out on December 21 (Japan Standard Time, all the following dates and time are JST), 2007 as we were able to acquire satisfactory verification results for all fifteen observation missions. The results are shown in the following chart.
JAXA had been conducting an initial functional verification of the KAGUYA onboard systems (for both the bus and mission instruments) for about two months since the KAGUYA was injected into observation orbit at an altitude of about 100 km on Oct 18, 2007.
From now on, we will perform regular operations for about ten months to acquire data on "Moon Science" and other studies.
Although the X-ray Spectrometer and Charged Particle Spectrometer were found not performing its full specifications, we will cope with the problems during our normal operations while continuing to investigate the cause.

Read the full press release at http://www.jaxa.jp/press/2007/12/20071221_kaguya_e.html.