Lunex at the Space Generation Congress

SGAC logo. Credits: SGAC

The Lunar Explorers Society will be present at this years Space Generation Congress (SGC) in Hyderabad, India. Together with the SGC, Lunex will organise a workshop called "Lunar Explorers Society", where we will look at how Lunex best can organise its upcoming role at the ICEUM9/ILC'07 conference in Sorrento, Italy. We will also invite the workshop participants to come with ideas for the future of Lunex; how we can improve our website, how we can recruit more members, etc.

Lunex will also try to be involved in the "MoonMars Workshop Habitat Design Competition" workshop. The goal of this workshop is to develop a lunar habitat design competition for the public, and especially young people. This event has a huge outreach potential, and similar events have been organised before by people involved both in Lunex and the Space Generation Advisory Counsil (SGAC).

Lunex is looking forward to cooperate with SGC organisers in the time leading up to the SGC, and we also hope we can continue our cooperation in the future!