9th ILEWG Lunar Conference, Sorrento, Italy, 22-26 Oct 2007

[ICEUM9/ILC2007 Call for Abstracts - 08.05.2007]
Dear Lunar and Space Explorer,

Please find herewith the Announcement and Call for Abstracts for the 9th ILEWG International Conference on Exploration and Utilisation of the Moon (ICEUM9/ILC2007), to take place on 22-26 October 2007, Sorrento (near Naples), Italy.

Abstracts, early registration and requests for support are due on 15 June 2007. Please circulate this announcement to your interested colleagues.

See sci.esa.int/iceum9 for more information about the conference.

Best regards,
Bernard H. Foing
ILEWG Executive Director
On behalf of ILEWG9 International Programme Committee chairs J. Wu (China), S. Di Pippo (ASI), M. Wargo (NASA) and B.H. Foing (ILEWG/ESA) and Programme Committee members.