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  • Some general info: ILEWG

    The International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG) is a public forum sponsored by the world's space agencies to support "international cooperation towards a world strategy for the exploration and utilization of the Moon - our natural satellite" (International Lunar Workshop, Beatenberg (CH), June 1994). The Forum is intended to serve three relevant groups:
    1. Actual members of the ILEWG, i.e. delegates and representatives of the participating Space Agencies and organizations - allowing them to discuss and possibly harmonize their draft concepts and plans in the spirit of the Beatenberg Declaration (see below).
    2. Team members of the relevant space projects - allowing them to coordinate their internal work according to the guidelines provided by the ILEWG Charter (see below).
    3. Members of the general public and of the Lunar Explorer's Society who are interested and wish to be informed on the progress of the Moon projects and possibly contribute their own ideas.

    ILEWG has been organising since 1994 ICEUM International Conferences on Exploration & Utilisation of the Moon with published proceedings, and where community declarations have been prepared and endorsed by community participants. ILEWG has co-organised and co-sponsored lunar sessions at EGU, COSPAR, EPSC; IAC. ILEWG task groups include science, technology, human aspects, socio-economics, young explorers and outreach, programmatics, roadmaps and synergies with Mars exploration, MoonBase, MoonVillage, EuroMoonMars, ArtMoonMars, Young Lunar Explorers, ILEWG Young Professional Grantees. ILEWG has also sponsored a number of activities, workshops, tasks groups and publications in collaborations with other organisations: COSPAR, space agencies, IAA, IAF, EGU. Besides the discussion forums, users can also obtain information on how to participate, as well as details on the latest news and events regarding lunar exploration, forthcoming meetings, relevant reports and documents of importance for the work of the ILEWG, summary descriptions of recent and future lunar exploration projects (such as SMART-1, Chang'E1-5 , Selene Kaguya, Chandrayaan-1-2, LRO, LCROSS), GRAIL, ARTEMIS, international lunar exploration projects) funded by various space agencies, and basic data on the Moon itself. Activities of the related space agencies and organizations can also be found. The ILEWG Forum also hosts the Lunar Explorer's Society.

    ILEWG Executive Director: Prof. Bernard Foing (ILEWG Past-President, 1998 - 2000)
    ILEWG Vice-presidents: Prof. Tai Sik Lee (2016 - current), Prof. Jacques Blamont (2010 - 2016), Dr. Simonetta di Pippo (2006 – 2008), Dr Robert Richards (2005 - 2007)
    ILEWG Past-Presidents : Dr. Michael Wargo (2008 - 2010), Prof. Wu Ji (2006 - 2008), Prof. Narendra Bhandari (2004 - 2006), Prof Carle Pieters (2002 – 2004), Prof Mike Duke (2000-2002), Prof Bernard Foing (1998 – 2000), Acad. Erik Galimov (1996 – 1998), Dr Hitoshi Mizutani
    ILEWG ICEUM declarations (International Conference on Exploration & Utilisation of the Moon) :
    COSPAR ICEUM13: Pasadena Lunar Declaration 2018
    Report from ILEWG and Cape Canaveral Lunar Declaration 2008

    EuroMoonMars programme & field campaigns

    EuroMoonMars is an ILEWG programme following up ICEUM declarations as a collaboration between ILEWG, space agencies, academia, universities and research institutions and industries. The ILEWG EuroMoonMars programme includes research activities for data analysis, instruments tests and development, field tests in MoonMars analogue, pilot projects , training and hands-on workshops , and outreach activities. EuroMoonMars includes a programme of grants for Young Professional Researchers. Prof Bernard Foing (ILEWG Executive director, ESA ESTEC senior scientist, Prof VU Amsterdam) is EuroMoonMars programme manager. EuroMoonMars field campaigns have been organised in specific locations of technical, scientific and exploration interest. Field tests have been conducted in ESTEC, EAC, at Utah MDRS station , Eifel, Rio Tinto, Iceland, La Reunion, LunAres base at Pila Poland , and HiSEas base in Hawaii. These were organised by ILEWG in partnership with ESTEC, VU Amsterdam, NASA Ames, GWU in Utah MDRS (EuroGeoMars 2009, and then yearly for EuroMoonMars 2010-2013). Other EuroMoonMars analogue field campaigns using selected instruments from ExoGeoLab suite were conducted in other MoonMars extreme analogues such as Eifel volcano, Rio Tinto, Iceland, La Reunion, Hawaii. Latest campaigns have been conducted jointly between EuroMoonMars –International MoonBase Alliance –HiSeas (EMMIHS). EuroMoonMars field campaigns started with EuroGeoMars2009 (Utah MDRS, 24 Jan-1 Mar 2009) with ILEWG, ESA ESTEC , NASA Ames, VU Amsterdam , GWU and continued with yearly EuroMoonMars Field campaigns in Utah (2010-2014), and in other Moon-Mars terrestrial analogues (Eifel volcanic area, Rio Tinto, Iceland, La Reunion, LunAres base in Poland , and HiSEAS base in Hawaii).

    EMMIHS campaigns (EuroMoonMars-IMA International Moonbase Alliance- HiSEAS)

    EuroMoonMars 2018-19 supported field campaigns at IMA HISEAS base on Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii . The Hawaii - Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) habitat is located at 8,200’ (2,500 meters) in elevation on the largest mountain in the world, Mauna Loa, on the Big Island of Hawai'i. As of 2018, the International Moonbase Alliance (IMA), an organization dedicated to building sustainable settlements on the Moon, has been organising regular simulated missions to the Moon, Mars or other planetary bodies at HI-SEAS. The constraints for these missions depend on which planetary body the mission is simulating to be on. For instance, for lunar missions the time delay in communications is only of a few seconds, which is nearly negligible for EVAs and other activities. In 2019, the EuroMoonMars campaign was launched at HI-SEAS, bringing together researchers from the European Space Agency, VU Amsterdam, the International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG) and IMA. Six scientists, engineers, journalists and photographers spent two weeks at the HI-SEAS station performing research relevant to both the Moon and Mars there. The campaign aims to increase the awareness about the research and technology testing that can be performed in analogue environments, in order to help humans become multiplanetary species. Furthermore, the research and technological experiments conducted at HI-SEAS are going to be used to help build a Moonbase in Hawai’i, and ultimately to create an actual Moonbase on the Moon, as part of IMA’s major goals.

    2018 EMMIHS0 EMM-IMA-HISEAS scouting campaign May 2018 ( Crew: Rogers H&A, Foing, Wilhite, Machida; support@ BluePlanet: Ponthieux, Cox et al )
    2019 EMMIHS1 February (crew: Musilova, Sirikan, Mulder, Weert, Burstein, Pothier; support@ BluePlanet: Foing, Ponthieux, Cox, Rogers)
    2019 EMMIHS2 8-22 December in Moonbase , (crew: Musilova, Kerber, Castro, Wanske, Pouwels, d’Angelo; support@ BluePlanet: Cox et al, support@ESTEC/VUA: Ageli, Foing, Heemskerk, Beniest, Sitnikova, Preusterink)
    2020 EMMIHS3 18 Jan- 1 Feb in Moonbase, (crew: Heemskerk M&H, Rajkakati, Musilova, Brasileiro, Edison; support: BluePlanet & ESTEC/VUA)
    2020 EMMIHS4 1-15 Feb in MoonbaseEMMIHS0 , (crew: Boross, Dehler, Musilova, Neidlinger, Pantazidis, Sheini) support: BluePlanet & ESTEC/VUA)

    Heloise Boross
    Avgoustos Pantazidis
    Kristin Neidlinger
    Camille Gaignard
    Farnoosh Sheini

    References (Title, e-linl, main authors, bibcode):

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    EuroMoonMars Instruments, Research, Field Campaigns, and Activities 2017-2019 Foing, B. H.; EuroMoonMars 2018-2019 Team 2019LPI....50.2475K

    EuroGeoMars Astrobiology Field campaign at MDRS
    EuroGeoMars 2009 was the first EuroMoonMars field research campaign dedicated to the demonstration of astrobiology instruments and a specific methodology of comprehensive measurements from selected sampling sites.
    2009 24 Jan-1 Mar EuroGeoMars2009 (Utah MDRS) with ILEWG, ESA ESTEC , NASA Ames, VU Amsterdam , GWU
    Crew 1: Foing, Stoker, Zavaleta, Ehrenfreund; Crew 2: Pletser, Borst, Peters, Wills, Sarrazin, Hendrikse, Monaghan; Crew 3: Foing, Ehrenfreund, Boche-Sauvan, Gross, Wendt, Thiel; Crew visiting media: Marabella, Gronendaal, Derks; Support: Westenberg, Mahapatra, Blake, Page, Kotler, Martins, Orzechowska, Direito, Kotler, Clarke, Wilhelm, Slob, Petitfils

    Refs EuroGeoMars 2009:
    Field astrobiology research in Moon-Mars analogue environments: instruments and methods
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    A wide variety of putative extremophiles and large beta-diversity at the Mars Desert Research Station (Utah)
    Analysis of organic compounds, minerals and biota: Preparation for future Mars life detection missions
    Eurogeomars Field Campaign: Sample Analysis of Organic Matter and Minerals
    Human crew-related aspects for astrobiology research
    EuroGeoMars Field Campaign: Sample Analysis of Organic Matter and Minerals
    PCR-based Detection of Microbial Communities during the EuroGeoMars MDRS Campaign

    EuroMoonMars Field campaigns 2009 - now
    2009 Sept EuroMoonMars-Eifel 2009 with ILEWG, ESA ESTEC , VU Amsterdam , Austrian Space Forum OEWF, GWU, Ecole de l’Air
    2010 EuroMoonMars-DOMMEX 2010 (Utah MDRS) with ILEWG, ESA ESTEC , NASA Ames, VU Amsterdam , GWU, Ecole de l’Air, FloridaTec , UCL Louvain
    2010 EuroMoonMars SALM La Réunion
    2011 EuroMoonMars2011 (Utah MDRS)
    2012 EuroMoonMars2012 (Utah MDRS) ) with ILEWG, ESA ESTEC , NASA Ames, VU Amsterdam , GWU, Ecole de l’Air, FloridaTec ; Crew: Stoker, Battler, v’t Houd, Bruneau, Cross, Maivald, Svendsen, Oltheten, Nebergall, Orgel; Support: Foing, Ehrenfreund, Elsaesser, Rammos, Rodrigues, Direito, Roling
    2013-2019 EuroMoonMars support to MDRS campaigns
    2017 Lunares campaign, Poland (Crew: PMAS SGAC; support@ESTEC/Mission control: Foing, Lillo, Authier, Blanc et al)
    2018 EMM-Iceland EuroMoonMars scouting campaign (Crew: Foing, Heemskerk, Sitnikova et al , Support: 4th Planet Logistics)
    2019 EMM-IgLuna EEuroMoonMars contribution to IgLuna, 15-30 June (IgLuna SSC support: Benavides; EuroMoonMars VUA/ILEWG Crew: de Winter, Heemskerk, Albers, Clement, Bois, Daeter, Vaessen, Glukhova, Sitnikova, Dimova, Wanske, van der Sanden, Foing; EuroMoonMars remote support: Kruijver, Dingemans, Beentjes, Korthouwer, Moritz, Grosjean et al )
    2018-2020 EMMIHS campaigns (see above)

    Refs: EuroMoonMars Field campaigns 2009 - now
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    ILEWG EuroMoonMars Pilot projects: ExoGeoLab, ExoHab, ExoLab
    The ExoGeoLab research incubator project, has started in the frame of a collaboration between ILEWG [3] (International Lunar Exploration working Group, ESTEC and partners, supported by a design and control desk in the European Space Incubator (ESI), as well as infrastructure. The ExoGeoLab lander was designed and built by ILEWG and Google Lunar X=prize team White Label Space. The ExoGeoLab lander and suite of instruments were brought for a test campaign at Eifel volcano park in Germany in 2009 (EuroMoonMars 2009), and more recently in 2015 & 2016. The ExogeoLab lander was also used in Lunares campaign in 2017, and in Igluna campaign on Zermatt glaciar in June 2019. Various phases were tested for a robotic lander mission (rover deployment, lander inspection , instruments remote operations, lander + 2 rovers cooperative operations, sample collection and analysis) as well as possible operations during Extravehicular activity astronaut simulations .
    ExoGeoLab Crew: Foing, Mahapatra, Page, Lillo, Jonglez, Batenburg, Evellin
    Support: Noroozi, Monaghan, Wills, Drijkonigen, Gill, Poulakis, Visentin, Slob, Walker, Sabbatini, Davies, Zegers, Pacher

    Refs: ILEWG EuroMoonMars Pilot projects: ExoGeoLab, ExoHab, ExoLab
    ILEWG EuroMoonMars Research, Technology, and Field Simulation Campaigns
    ExoGeoLab Lander/Rover Instruments and EuroGeoMars MDRS Campaign
    ExoGeoLab Pilot Project for Landers, Rovers and Instruments
    Reflection Seismology Systems for Planetary Geology: First Tests at ESTEC
    Basic Mars Navigation System For Local Areas
    EuroGeoMars mission and techniques: First results for geology and Geochemistry
    Raman investigations of the EuroGeoMars Campaign
    Highlights from Remote Controlled Rover for EuroGeoMars MDRS Campaign
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    Operational Issues for Geological Analog Simulation EVA at Eifel Volcanic Region: ILEWG EuroMoonMars
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    EuroMoonMars Dommex (EMMD 2010): Geology results from EMMD3 in a desert Mars-like environment, Utah
    van Vynckt, Delphine; Voute, Sara; Calzada, Mss Abigail and 17 more
    Moon-Mars Analogue Mission (EuroMoonMars 1 at the Mars Desert Research Station)
    Lia Schlacht, Irene; Voute, Sara; Irwin, Stacy and 3 more

    We studied concepts for a minimal Moon-Mars habitat, in focussing on the system aspects and coordinating every different part as part an evolving architecture. We validated experimentally the Habitat and Laboratory ExoHab concept constraints during EuroGeoMars and EuroMoonMars field campaigns . The ILEWG ExoHab concept studies and field simulations prepare the specifics of human exploration, with focus on habitability and human performance. In the ExoHab pilot concept project (supported by ILEWG, ESA NASA), we justify the case for a scientific and exploration outpost allowing experiments, sample analysis in laboratory (relevant to the origin and evolution of planets and life, geophysical and geo-chemical studies, astrobiology and life sciences, observation sciences, technology demonstration, resource utilisation, human exploration and settlement). In this modular concept, we consider various infra structure elements: core habitat, Extra Vehicular activity (EVA), crew mobility, energy supply, recycling module, communication, green house and food production, operations. This is relevant to studies from space agencies’ architecture proposals, with landers, orbiters, rovers, habitats, surface operations and protocols. We focus on the easiest and the soonest way in settling a minimal base immediately operational in scientific experimentation and exploration, but not immediately autonomous. Through a modular concept, this outpost will be possibly evolved into a long duration or permanent base.
    ExoHab Crew: Foing, Boche-Sauvan, Schlacht, Sitnikova, Evellin, Preusterink
    Support: Kolodziejczyk, Harasymczuk, Heinicke, Van der Sanden, Tomic, Authier, Blanc

    Refs: ExoHab
    Logistics for MoonMars Simulation Habitats: ExoHab ESTEC and LunAres Poland
    ExoHab Pilot Project & Field Tests for Moon-Mars Human Laboratories
    Design and Demonstration of Minimal Lunar Base
    ILEWG ExoHab & EuroGeoMars Campaigns: Habitability & Human Operations
    EuroMoonMars Workshop 2018: a pilot study on a semi-autonomous laboratory module for analogue simulations van der Sanden, Germaine; Foing, Bernard; Clavé, Elise and 1 more
    Human crew-related aspects for astrobiology research
    Ground Control Center during Analogue simulation for EuroMoonMars 2018 Workshop Clavé, Elise; Foing, Bernard; Dubois, Louis and 1 more 2018EPSC...12..660C
    EuroMoonMars 2018 Workshop: Lunar Analogue simulations Clavé, Elise; Foing, Bernard; Dubois, Louis and 8 more 2018EPSC...12..639D
    EuroMoonMars 2018 Workshop: Hands-on demonstration and practice before analogue simulations. Dubois, Louis; Clavé, Élise; Sanden, Germaine and 1 more 2018cosp...42E3807Z
    2017 EuroMoonMars Analog Habitat Preparation at ESTEC Evellin, P.; Foing, B. H.; Lillo, A. and 5 more 2017LPICo2041.5075E
    ExoLab, Smartlab, EVA suits and preparation
    Crew: Foing, Schlacht, Sitnikova, Glukhova, Ageli, Chahla,
    Support: Authier, Blanc, Mirino, Neklesa, Lillo, Evellin, Hettrich
    Refs: ExoLab, Smartlab, EVA suits and preparation
    EuroMoonMars Workshop 2018: a pilot study on a semi-autonomous laboratory module for analogue simulations
    Live from the Moon ExoLab: EuroMoonMars Simulation at ESTEC 2017
    ExoLab Space Mission Simulation: Expanding life with art & science
    MoonMars Astronaut and CapCom Protocols: ESTEC and LunAres PMAS Simulations
    IGLUNA: ILEWG BTU Smart Ice Lab Sitnikova, Anna; Dimova, Lyubov; Wanske, Ariane and 6 more
    Concept and field reconnaissance for a Semi-Permanent Moon-Analogue Habitat Inside a Lava Tube in Iceland Heemskerk, Marc; Daeter, Marjolein; Foing, Bernard and 1 more
    Logistics for MoonMars Simulation Habitats: ExoHab ESTEC and LunAres Poland Blanc, A.; Authier, L.; Foing, B. H. and 8 more 2017LPICo2041.5072B 2017/10
    From Apollo Traverses to Future Exploration Calzada, Mss Abigail; Voute, Sara; van Vynckt, Delphine and 1 more

    EuroMoonMars IGLUNA 2019 contributions
    IGLUNA is the first ESA_Lab interuniversity demonstrator project, and is hosted by the Swiss Space Centre (SSC) with the vision to create an analogue habitat inside lunar ice caps. 18 student teams from 9 countries across Europe will develop modular demonstrators that will be constructed and tested in the field test in June 2019. This field test was conducted inside the moon-like extreme environment of the Glacier Palace inside the Matterhorn glacier from 17 - 30 June 2019. During these two weeks, all the student demonstrators were combined to make a 36m2 human habitat. The Glacier Palace was open for the public during the tests, so that visitors have the opportunity to observe or even participate in the experiments. Building a habitat in ice on the moon has several large advantages; besides not having to bring a large, pressurized habitable structure, water (ice) is a great insulator for cosmic radiation and radiation from the Sun. Furthermore, a close proximity of water is of high priority to enlarge the chances of human survival, as water is essential for life, but it can also be used to produce oxygen, as fuel, and energy storage. Lastly, building a covered or subterranean on the moon also protects against micrometeorites or dust storms from landing rockets or large nearby impacts.

    EuroMoonMars IgLuna crew: T. Benavides (Igluna SSC coordinator) , B. Foing (supervising professor, ESTEC, ILEWG, VU Amsterdam) , M. Heemskerk, B. de Winter (VU students coordinators) +15 VU Amsterdam students, A. Sitnikova, B. Foing (ILEWG coordinators), A.Wanske, L. Dimova (BTU)
    VUSE, VU Science Experiments as student project performed at IGLUNA, a human Moon-Ice habitat simulation
    de Winter, Bram; Heemskerk, Marc; Foing, Bernard and 1 more
    IGLUNA - Habitat in Ice: An ESA_Lab project hosted by the SSC
    Benavides, Tatiana; Heemskerk, Marc; Foing, Bernard and 1 more
    Instruments and Power Supply for Igluna, VU Science Experiments
    Kruijver, A.; Dingemans, A.; Foing, B. and 2 more
    Subprojects HCAM, RCAM, FDB, and GHIS from the Igluna Project
    Berg, M. J. R.; de Winter, B.; Foing, B. H. and 1 more
    Chemical Sample Analysis for the IGLUNA Project
    Vaessen, G. C.; de Winter, B.; Heemskerk, M. V. and 1 more
    Geology and Astrobiology Research and Data Analysis for Igluna
    Beentjes, D.; de Winter, B.; Heemskerk, M. V. and 1 more
    Geology and Astrobiology Instruments Suite for IGLUNA's VU Science Experiments (VUSE)
    Daeter, M. I.; Heemskerk, M. V.; De Winter, B. and 2 more
    EuroMoonMars 2018-2019 and VUSE IgLuna: External Exploration of the Moon Village
    Korthouwer, R. B.; de Winter, B.; Heemskerk, M. and 2 more
    Characterization of Mars and Moon Microbial Life Through Terrestrial Analogue Field Research
    Clement, T. V. M.; de Winter, B.; Foing, B. H. and 2 more
    IGLUNA - Habitat in Ice: An ESA_Lab Project Hosted by the Swiss Space Center
    Heemskerk, M. V.; Benavides, T.; Foing, B. H. and 4 more
    Smart Ice Lab, ILEWG - Igluna Project
    Sitnikova, A.; Sanden, G. v. d.; Foing, B. and 7 more
    VUSE, VU Science Experiments at Igluna, a Science Showcase for a Moon Ice Habitat
    de Winter, B.; Heemskerk, M.; Clement, T. and 5 more
    Igluna Project: Glaciology Research Goals
    Albers, B.; de Winter, B.; Heemskerk, M. and 2 more

    ILEWG ICEUM conferences, Young Lunar Explorers & EuroMoonMars outreach, EuroMoonMars and MoonVillage workshop
    Introduction to EGU session "Lunar Science and Exploration Towards Moon Village"
    Community Report and Recommendations from International Lunar Exploration Working Group ( ILEWG)
    EarthMoonMars Village Worldwide Activities
    Foing, Bernard H. 2018cosp...42E1085F
    Experimental Training and Capacity Building: EuroMoonMars Workshops and Field Simulations 2016-2018
    Foing, Bernard H. 2018cosp...42E1083F
    Overview of Moon Village Global Activities & Lunar Explorers Tribute
    Foing, Bernard 2018EGUGA..2018534F 2018/04
    Outreach and Education from EuroGeoMars Campaigns
    Experimental Training and Capacity Building: EuroMoonMars Workshops and Field Simulations 2016-2018
    EuroMoonMars Outreach Activities
    Grosjean, M.; Sitnikova, A.; Foing, B. , Preusterink J. and 13 more 2018EPSC...12.1247V
    Outreach and capacity building activities for engaging youth and public in Exploration
    Foing, Bernard H. 2014cosp...40E.883F 2014

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