Who We Are

The Lunar Explorers Society is an international organization that aims to promote the exploration of the Moon for the benefit of humanity. We believe that the Moon should be the next step in the human exploration of the solar system and as such are dedicated to doing all we can to advance towards this goal. In pursuing this aim we hope to bring the best of humanity to the Moon, and to bring the benefits of the Moon to all people on Earth. We also wish to keep in mind consideration of the environmental effects to the Moon and the Earth in the implementation of lunar exploration and development. Below you can see the people that are involved

The International Board

  • Chairman: Bernard Foing
  • Executive Secretary: Ignacio Bustamante
  • Treasurer: Jim Volp
  • Sponsorship Leader: Jara Pascual
  • Public Relations: Serena Crotti

Honorary Board

  • Dr. Harrison Schmitt, Apollo 17 Astronaut (Geology Scientist)
  • Dr. Dave Scott, Apollo 15 Commander
  • Dr. Jim Burke, JPL, USA
  • Prof. Roger Bonnet, President of COSPAR

Advisory Committee

  • B.H.Foing, ILEWG Executive Director
  • M.B.Duke, Former Chairman of ILEWG
  • Dr. Dave Scott, Apollo 15 commander
  • Prof. Roger Bonnet, President of COSPAR
  • H.Mizutani, ISAS, Japan
  • E. Galimov, Former ILEWG chairman
  • G.Racca, Smart-1 project leader, ESA
  • C.Pieters, Brown university, USA
  • S.Saunders, JPL, USA
  • S.K.Dunkin, Rutherford, UK

Regular members

Several hundred people from all over the world make up our regular member base. These members are the backbone of the Society. Click here to become a lunar explorer!

Founding members

156 participants present during the ICEUM4 conference