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First public apperance of the Lunar Explorers Society!

The Lunar Explorers Society has been present at the 11th annual ISU symposium. Out of the thirteen people that got together at IAC in Valencia and agreed to pick up the work of Lunex, three were present at ISU. This was the first public appearance of Lunex in many years, and marks the revival of the Society!

A small group of people attending the symposium have been invited to join to Lunex, to test and give feedback about the brand new internet based infrastructure. A broader recruitment approach will be done in the aftermath of the symposium, when we have confirmed the good functionality of our infrastructure.

ISU Symposium "Why the Moon" kicked off

The annual ISU symposium has started and the topic this year is Lunar exploration. Through six sessions covering programmatics, outreach and education, science, technology, business, law and policy the symposium aims to answer the question why humans should return to the Moon. Members of all the major players in the future Lunar exploration effort are present.

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