ICEUM9 declaration released

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[ILEWG Press Release - 30.10.2007]
We are proud to release the ICEUM9 Sorrento Lunar Declaration, endorsed unanimously by the participants on 26 October, on the last day of 9th ILEWG International Conference on Exploration and Utilisation of the Moon (ICEUM9).

It is now posted on the ILEWG website at:

The ICEUM9 conference has been very exciting with more than 230 oral contributions or posters given. We had presentations from agencies, experts and splinter sessions/workshops. Exciting real-time events included watching the ISS passing over Sorrento, and live connection with STS-120 launch and docking and Chang'E-1 launch. Some ICEUM9 lunar multicultural, social and artistic events were also memorable.

We shall post the recommendations from the splinter groups, as well as the copy of presentations.

We want to thank here ASI, ESA and ILEWG hosts, the Local Organisation Committee (chaired by Dr Sylvie Espinasse, ASI), the ICEUM9 International Programme Committee and the sessions chairs and participants for a very constructive and successful conference.

Let us carry this legacy in the concrete work for future exploration.

Bernard H. Foing
ILEWG Executive Director